Dome Facility Management

Planned preventive ­maintenance Infrastructural
Facility management

What do we offer?

Dome Facility Management offers overall services to its present and future clients in respect of office buildings, commercial or industrial facilities or residential houses.

Why do you need these services?

Besides the tasks in connection with daily operation we carry out the necessary planned preventive maintenance tasks as well by which the number of unexpected problems can be reduced.

As part of our Facility Management service we carry out some conservation and general reconstruction tasks as well. Furthermore, we undertake to provide Facility Management consultancy, technical audit, cost rationalizing review as well as management and control of existing contract files of already existing facilities or those still in the planning phase.

Who is the subject of our offer?

We offer our Facility Management service to those of our present clients and future clients who are looking for a reliable, professional partner who provides overall services to perform techical operational and facility management tasks.


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