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Planned preventive ­maintenance

Dome Facility Management carries out planned preventive maintenance for mechanical work, heavy current or low current equipment.

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Our maintenance personnel, besides being available permanently, keep the heating, cooling and air-engineering systems, water and sewage supply, as well as related accessories, such as radiators, fan-coils, split system air-conditioners, pumps, valves, filters etc. in a continuously good working condition.

There is an obligation to provide the authorities that control the protection of the environment with a report on the heating and air conditioning equipment above a certain level of power. These measurements and the relevant administration is precisely carried out by our experts on time.

Fire protection

We carry out the scheduled control tasks of the Sprinkler system supplemented by the necessary documentation according to the regulations, furthermore, we assist the relevant controls by authorities so they are conducted smoothly. We provide control and maintenance of fire alarms and other fire protection equipment with our permanent team of experts.

Heavy and low current

The activities of Dome Facility Services also includes the examination of the heavy current equipment, distribution boxes, and indirect contact protection joints. Our experts examine the fixations and electric fixtures, and they maintain the switches and high voltage cabinets.

Within our planned protective maintenance service (often in connection with other systems) our experts maintain the low current networks of the buildings and they control the systems, so the supervision and planned preventive maintenance of building supervision systems, the CCTV, access control systems, fire alarm and security systems.


According to the maintenance instructions of manufacturers and the government decree, Dome performs the regular maintenance and annual verification of elevators installed in the facility. During the overall inspection our experts assess the condition of the power room, the control cabinet, the drive and the speed governor, and the cage, the suspension elements and the structures around the shaft and the security equipment.

Safety engineering

Dome maintains intercoms and video systems. During the process we examine the operational capacity of the devices, we clean and dust-proof the camera housing, cameras and lenses. Besides the adjustment of cameras and monitors we set the operation parameters of videorecorders.


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