Dome Facility Management

Planned preventive ­maintenance Infrastructural
Facility management

Infrastructural ­operation

The reception service ensures the personal security of persons staying in the facilities. Our skilled personal and property guards, as well as the security team perform these tasks, while the cleaning staff take care of the cleanliness of the facility.

The tasks related to operation are carried out using up-to-date tools and machines.

Furthermore, we carry out and organize pest control, and gardening, cultivation.

The pool managers of Dome are responsible for the tasks around the swimming pools according to your requirements and the authority regulations.


As part of our cleaning service we carry out daily cleaning and regular clean-up of common areas and offices, we also carry out special (e.g. highscaler technology) cleaning tasks if requested, as well as maintenance at outdoor areas.


We carry out indoor and outdoor park and cultivation tasks, our skilled experts cultivate and protect the condition of plants at a high professional level.

Security, reception

We supply facilities with appropriate human resource security and reception service that serves the comfort and security of the facility and those staying in it in the long run.


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